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Looking Good Longer
Here’s a milder, more
economical facelift technique

by Betty Guy-Wills


    Acupuncture is a healthy, safe alternative to a face-lift, plus a” body-lift”.  Actually acupuncture is not a facelift, as we know it.
    A facelift is incisions, with fat deposits removed, and the skin being pulled and lifted removing the loss of elasticity from our stressful and  “age inducing” life. Acupuncture works in a different way and the results are less dramatic. Lines can be smoothed, and the muscles toned up giving a person a younger look. You need two or three treatments a week or upon advise from a professional     , until 5 to 10 treatments are completed depending upon each individual skin type.
     It works like this:
    The body has a mechanism like a built-in burglar alarm. When a” break-in happens” an acupuncture needle is inserted…the body goes into alert and will begin its natural healing process.
    Nerve signals and endorphins are sent to the site of the problem to start their repairing process Acupuncture will cause a mini trauma in this area directing the body to heal and make a structural adjustment, by strengthening and toning the muscles. When a needle is inserted, (and you can hardly feel it), histamines and other chemicals are released by the body, creating a defense that will gradually give your skin strength and smooth out the wrinkling and lines.
    Acupuncture also increases the flow of blood that nourishes and energizes the area. The blood flow is internal, like blushing- not external, like cutting or pricking your finger.
    The tiny needles are inserted around all wrinkles or lines. Some are placed horizontally and some vertically and others placed at a 45-degree angle. When the face is finished, the needles are inserted in both hands in the area between the thumb and the index finger. This is the area that stimulates all stamina in the body and opens a direct energy channel to the mouth and nose areas. Now you just relax. Most acupuncturists have soft background music playing for about 25 minutes. (I actually go to sleep).
    After the needles are removed you won’t see any dramatic differences, but you will look rested and glowing as though you were just awakened from a wonderful slumber.  Some people, and I am one of them, respond so well they see some of the wrinkles have either lessened or have disappeared after the first treatment! I also noticed that my jaw line seemed to be firmer and my eyes seemed to be more wide- awake. I always feel very calm and full of energy after each treatment. This feeling will last for about 4 days and sometimes longer.
    I don’t believe that I will ever have a surgical “facelift”.  Acupuncture not only increases my energy and builds my feeling of well being, but I am starting to notice the disappearance of some mouth lines and added firmness around my eyes.  My whole face seems to feel firmer, especially the cheeks, and my jaw line is more defined. This is after five consecutive treatments. So, I decided to take these treatments twice yearly, along with custom age subtracting skin care, a few major facial exercises, and using the reverse gravity, yoga” slant board “ as often as I can. The slant board method is reclining on the floor with your feet up on a sofa or chair at about a 45-degree angle, with a rolled towel under the buttocks. Keep this position for at least 5 minutes, and with practice you will one day, slip into the most relaxing 10 minute nap, feeling as if you have slept all night.
    This is the second column that I have written lauding the acupuncture proceedings. I feel that the results are really wonderful for a safe, natural, painless procedure to keep me looking good as long as I possibly can, with no down time, no bruises, and not being afraid to laugh and smile without a feeling of “cracking or stretching my skin. And, of course not having to spend thousands of dollars on a procedure that may not turn out to be successful!


(Betty Guy-Wills is a columnist/author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting. You may write her at P.O. Box 10713 Beverly Hills CA 90213. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.)

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