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Hoyer: Americans want a Congress that jumpstarts the middle class,
ensures they can make it in America


WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) delivered the following remarks recently at a press conference where House Democrats introduced an economic agenda to jumpstart the middle class and ensure they can Make It In America:

“The middle class needs a jump start. The middle class knows it needs a jump start. They know they need a Congress that is on their side, not a Congress that says: ‘You’re on your own.’ That is what the American people want, and that’s what we’re going to give them.

“The Democrats have a strong agenda for the 114th Congress. The Republican Majority has squandered their chance to create jobs and grow opportunities. They have wasted taxpayers’ time and money with the costly government shutdown and frivolous lawsuits. It is time for a change – a new Democratic Majority that will hit the ground running with a legislative agenda that supports a strong and growing middle class.

“The Make It In America plan is a broad agenda for jobs and competitiveness and is a central part of this ‘Jump Start the Middle Class.’ We want to provide tax incentives to encourage companies to bring jobs home, rather than send jobs overseas. We want to invest in increased exports, improved infrastructure, and skills training programs to help attract jobs and support a strong manufacturing base.

“Democrats have a real plan to get things done, and if we have the Majority in January, as I fully expect us to have, we will be introducing the 21st Century Make It In America Act. Americans are tired of a Republican ‘do-nothing’ and ‘do-bad-things’ Congress focused on simply partisan divisions. They want a Congress that helps everyone make it in America and jump-starts the middle class.”

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