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Looking Good Longer
The holidays are back; are we ready?

by Betty Guy-Wills

    Holiday cards are starting to show up in snail mail and by e-mail.  Some even have posed photos of the whole family or just the new baby, the new puppy, the new house, you name it .
    The tree, ah yes the shelling out for most of us  for the over priced tall full one for just the aroma of pine throughout the house. "Lucky You" who don't have to buy one.  Really just buy a few pine cones and place them in hidden
places, including the bath room, closets, kitchen and hallways ,and save a few bucks.
    How about stringing some lights around the windows, doorways, TVs, and remember the bedrooms, and kitchen cupboards. Talk about Holiday lights, you and your guests won't  even miss the lighted tree. Everybody’s  too busy chug-a-lugging your super egg nog.
    Look for the same old movies on TV and the Big Screen that have been viewed for the past hundred years like: A Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas, A Christmas Story-- to name a few. The Holiday music is grinding out again to get us in the mood, in the mood for what?  If I hear Bing Crosby's  "I'm Dreamin' of a White Christmas one more time , I'll……. its heard in shopping malls world wide, translated along with other repeated Holiday melodies in many languages,and there's no escaping it.
     Pass that brandy nog again, not a mug but the whole bowl! Hark! Am I hearing "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow? Thank God I am in California where you have a choice if you want to go to the snow-clad mountains, with "jack frost nipping at your nose."
   I know that I don't have to feel that fairy- like white stuff  whenever IT feels like falling, then melting to a dirty slop and freezing again to a slippery death trap.
  Wow! and Holiday shopping, this is real adventure ,especially right after Thanksgiving. This really is not the time to start so, hold your breath for a few days and THEN charge into the stores.
    This gives the "black Friday junkies" time to cool down and let you pros in to over spend your hard earned money.   Ah h h.. Listen to the melodies of tantrum-kicking, blue-in-the-face screaming kids in the department store aisles who want the latest toy/doll of the year.
    Here's one, a Mega Barbie Doll Yacht with all the trimmings plus Barbie's exclusive Gucci outfits plus a helicopter pad .This whole deal costing as much as that fur jacket you bought your wife last year.
    Please don't tell the kid you can't afford it this year; they'll just respond by asking Santa anyway, and you probably will end  up taking a mortgage out on the house to appease the little dear. Please note: All you couples who don't have kids,  just turn away and smile at each other and keep on doing whatever you do and never have to be reminded to take that" pill" again.
    Another thing -- don't expect your friends and relatives to change and be extra nice and polite to each other because of  the season. As a matter of fact, even a touchy subject can start a real fight, especially among relatives and the in-laws. I remember I told my mother-in-law she looked glamorous in black and her interpretation was  that I wish she were dead. So, be careful of what  you say and do so as not to disrupt a joyous occasion, unless Rudolph with  that jolly ol' elf on board can drop  a brand new family down your chimney.
    Savor the aroma of the baking and the roasting from the kitchen .There's home made rolls, cookies, fruit cakes ,pumpkin pies, stuffed turkeys, cranberry sauce, glazed hams, candied yams, rib roasts ,mashed potatoes and gravy, several veggies, relishes, etc..
    STOP! This is crazy.. Just run down to your super market's take- out deli section and bakery, bring the stuff back, get rid of the packaging and just heat them up in the oven .Then dust some flour on your apron and one cheek, sprinkle a little cinnamon on a warm stove burner, touch a bit of vanilla extract behind your ears and wrists, then waltz into the dining room and present your festive meal with a broad smile. No one will know the difference, because they been gulping down that super eggnog you dumped from cartons and laced with an abundance of that brandy Uncle Joe gave you.
    But remember after reading all this you CAN really "feel good and look good" during the Holidays no matter what the following days bring your way. Take your vitamins, eat healthy, exercise, get your z z z 's, put on your happy face, for the most beautiful time of the year.
    Turn on your highest "beams" and walk your quickest step, head up Shoulders back swing your arms and hips and organize your thoughts to  overcome any obstacles that come your way. NOW you are prepared to take ON  the Holidays. So,  Keep smiling, Keep shining, AND  You can always count on the same next year, for sure! Have a Wonderful Happy Holiday!


(Betty Guy-Wills is a columnist/author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting. You may write her at P.O. Box 10713 Beverly Hills CA 90213. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.)

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