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Looking Good Longer
Valentines Day-What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by Betty Guy-Wills

   Very few of us really know what love is. Love is first based on a friendship where two people are in zinc with one another.  They love together without  expectations this being the most popular form of love. Sometimes it develops into  a more solid foundation. Partners who live together can experience this kind of love. It’s like “ You give me  all of you” and “I give you all of me” with a give and take forgiving attitude toward one another. But the ultimate stage of love is: whatever you choose to be whatever you want with or without faults in all categories ,trusting your mate and you trusting me unconditionally, giving us both a feeling of freedom without boundaries or constraints or conditions plus, we will never have to say” I’m sorry” to one another.This type of bonding is more credible if  you’re not living together So few of us have ever witnessed this kind of love.
So whether we are in or out of love Valentine’s day is a symbol of experimenting with  this feeling of floating on air and giving your date or partner for the evening a connection between mind and body.  And Let’s face it we all know it’s a day created by Hallmark and American Greetings. However, the experiment begins, First you have to “Love Thy self”. This means you are not afraid to give of yourself to  others in an act of love. The love act is your body’s mechanism  releasing all tension with your nerves sending signals to all your organs and notifying  every cell in your body that you are in the act of love making. Got it?
    So,let’s start with some forethought to prepare for this experiment of love .Actually we gals know how to prepare. We are experts at getting ready for a special occasion-with manicures, pedicures, massages, bath and shower concoctions ,special lingerie, skin care, make-up,the right dress, etc. it’s the guys that need some prompting with intangibles. .Treat her to a memorable evening that money can’t buy, but will be of a greater importance to her more so than an expensive gift. First be meticulously clean from head to toe,inside and out, wear that new sport coat or , shirt or,shoes,etc., tucked away in the back of your closet – nothing flashy or street-wise but something that would draw her attention and she would admire. Don’t forget that hair- cut and shave with a subtle masculine after shave lotion including any other clipping of facial hair, and I am sure you popped that Lifesaver  O.K.  you’re ready to go ,don’t forget the exotic single  orchid ( the most romantic ,thoughtful flower you can give a lady you love and adore) no hum-drum red roses. It’s in the fridge you  ordered yesterday.  Pick her up, exactly on time and open the car door for her,(forget that womanly independence thing) and when  opening the door give her the orchid with a “come to me” hug and a soft kiss on the side of her neck. Oh Yeah! You may need a little  chap stick.  The restaurant you selected is quiet,with a corner table and low lighting that makes her look more beautiful than she really is. She’ll  love you for this. If you’re in a long term relationship drive her over to your “digs” where a catered dinner awaits you with candle lite and appropriate music.You want the menu to  consist of a hearty meal including beef and veggies that are spiced with ginger or  peppers,etc.that heat up and promote the senses to strengthen the “love powers” ,with dessert  incorporating  honey and chocolate- the passion stimulants ! And  of course you started the meal with a Martini. There is a definite relationship  between food and your sex drive. Slip a plain simple card under her plate with your own written words of how you cherish and adore her.(No Commercial Valentine) After dinner, if this love experiment hasn’t “kicked” in yet ,then a Romantic Movie with the two of  you sipping Drambuie would be the next and last thing on your agenda.. If this love experience doesn’t get the hormones flowing then “Love  Doesn”t Have A Thing To Do  With It”! So Live Sexy,Live Healthy,Continue to Cultivate love. Make time for the art and continue experimenting with love and seduction and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Betty Guy-Wills is a columnist/author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting. You may write her at P.O. Box 10713 Beverly Hills CA 90213. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.)

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