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Looking Good Longer
What does “looking good longer” mean?

by Betty Guy-Wills

Looking good as long as you possibly can means keeping healthy and constantly  improving your image.  
    This does not mean looking like a teen-ager but looking as good as you feel, because you have learned to maintain and to keep improving your good health much longer than did your parents and grandparents.
    There was a time that 40 was the time line to “throw out the window” any thoughts of being attracted to the opposite sex. As we now know that men and women hitting on so-called middle age and after are offered such treatments as Botox, Restylane and Juvederm, these are fillers that are offered by qualified, board  certified cosmetic surgeons. These lunch hour procedures lessen or dissolve that tired run-down look from our faces and even our bodies.
    Everyone wants to look healthier, vibrant and more energetic. What happens as we age is mummy lines form  around the mouth area, surprise lines begin traveling along the forehead, dull dry looking skin appears on the face and body,  sunken cheeks and ghostly looking eyes scare us from the mirror along with sagging thighs, buttocks and upper arms.
    However, we still want to show some type of expressions on our faces, like happiness, sadness, elation and of course keeping our dimples and eye flirtations. These are some of the  reasons why the evasive, under the knife facelift has had its day.  No longer are we hiding away for six weeks after being cut and scraped with pro long bruising then emerging with skin so tight that we’re afraid to even smile let alone laugh or frown.  
    We have advanced from looking as young as we possibly can to looking our very best with complexions so glowing that “in the pink” has become a sudden reality.
It’s not so much looking like we are 18 again (and who looked good in those high school albums), but looking fresh and wholesome.
    The  new skin and body care products offered today are like “wonder drugs” that keep the skin firm, moist and ageless.   
    Sun block, sun block, sun block is the key to preventing sun damage like those horrid  brown spots, sometimes called liver spots, that seem to appear overnight on the face and body. Always apply a SPF of at least 25 alone or pressed in under and over foundation on the face, neck, arms, legs, ears, all exposed skin to the sun.  
In Europe there is an SPF of 100 that is difficult to find in U.S.  To be doubly sure in very hot, tropical climes, apply sun block day and night, along with under and over foundation.
    Those who are blessed with olive to tanned complexions need not think that sun block isn’t necessary because instead of brown spots they contract white spots from sun damage.
    If you are already a victim of sun damage, as most of us are, then dark spot gels that contain hydroquinone and glycolic acid are recommended. These products are to be used only at night.
    After a shower, massage the inside of a lemon rind over the body, then apply a special body bleach emulsion.  We have discovered the amazing peptide moisturizers to combat wrinkled and lined skin that can be applied morning and night.
    For complete body moisturizing without the bleaching process, the surprising grape seed oil (from Spain or Italy) found in your supermarket can be applied after the lemon massage for best results. This procedure  is applied just after a shower or bath when the body is towel dried and still warm and moist.
    Today we can look good and feel good because we now have the professionals, the products and the know-how to accomplish our own individual standards of “ mirror- mirror on the wall ,whose the fairest, the most handsome of us all.”


(Betty Guy-Wills is a columnist/author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting. You may write her at P.O. Box 10713 Beverly Hills CA 90213. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.)

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