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Looking Good Longer
You Can Solve Your Own Hot Weather Skin Problems

by Betty Guy-Wills

No need to spend monies on expensive facials that may not work for you!
The following are tried and true results for both men and women:
Most people experience excessive oiliness along the “t-zone”--the forehead and nose. This is called “combination skin”, and can be corrected by first massaging ice on this area then pat dry with a towel and follow with a toner that contains no alcohol. You want to keep the oil (your youth insurance) not “kill” it with any product that contains alcohol.

Whiteheads occur when oil glands are clogged and they become filled with a fatty substance that becomes hard.  Many times poor circulation is the culprit. Start with a deep non-alcoholic liquid cleansing treatment adding exfoliation with a raw sugar scrub.  Sugar will not only clean the pores but will also energize and circulate  the skin. Just make a little paste in the palm of your hand with  raw sugar and distilled water and massage lightly over face and neck with fingers, then rinse with tepid water.
This method can be used as often as needed. When the skin gets sticky just keep massaging with water on finger tips until the sugar is dissolved.  For a milder exfoliate try the new pomegranate scrubs. Stay away from oatmeal, corn meal, and other natural products that clog pores. Remember, the word “natural” does not always mean it’s good for you.

Blackheads, those pesky things, are prevalent in the skin of all ages, and are caused by the oxidation of oil and dirt that have stopped up pores. The easiest removal is to take a steam or hot shower and after towel drying, carefully push them out with gentle pressure with a cotton tip or gauze. Applying a non alcoholic toner afterwards is recommended. You may also use a tiny instrument that can be purchased at a beauty supply store, to also remove blackheads safely.
Expecting a special event, a hot date, meeting new people, new job,promotion, etc.?  Here they come, the pimples, every time-you can count on it. Not cleansing the skin well, eating the wrong foods, hormones going crazy and of course, stress. All of these can cause pimples to crop up unexpectedly. This is true for all ages from teen-agers to grandmothers and grandfathers.
Try using the new calming products on the market. These are applied at the first sight of a pimple and works wonders on making them disappear. Massage an ice cube over the entire face, as you would soap, and pat dry. This cold cleansing method is stimulating and brings circulation to the area.Camouflage and blend in skin with a cosmetic cover stick a little lighter than your own skin tone.This method is used religiously by celebrities.
    The skin becomes red and swollen due to an allergy to cosmetics, or certain foods and beverages plus certain medications. The best action is to discontinue using your present skin care and color cosmetics or stop eating foods that you may suspect for a few days.  If there is no clearing up, then consulting a dermatologist would be your next step.

Excessive oiliness occurs more often during the hot summer months because, the heat and humidity accelerates the condition.  After cleansing with a non-alcoholic liquid cleanser use a toner afterwards, again with no alcohol. Moisturize with a non oily liquid product day and night .Never use a heavy moisture for oily skin during hot weather.   Apply an egg-white mask twice weekly to keep the pores tight and the skin exfoliated. The clear skin on the inside of an egg shell works as well, simply carefully lay this delicate skin on the face, let dry and rinse with tepid water. Or, just whip up the white of an egg. and follow the same procedure. This may take several applications to receive results but the cost is much less than buying the mask in a jar.Also, this mask is excellent for sagging skin under the eyes.

Skin during hot weather, for men and women alike, is more sensitive than any other time of the year, so remember to use the sun block daily at least 35-SPF on ALL exposed areas of the face and body.


(Betty Guy-Wills is a columnist/author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in anti-aging and age subtracting. You may write her at P.O. Box 10713 Beverly Hills CA 90213. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.)

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